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Video Questionnaires

Video questionnaires enable you to invite your candidates to respond to a set of questions you have prepared for them. Candidates will not know the questions in advance so their answer will be spontaneous. They can record the video questionnaire at a time and place of their choice using any device.

Ease the scheduling burden, efficiently and cost-effectively engage with long-distance talent, save time, energy and travel expenses, reduce discrimination, quickly identify the best candidates for the next recruitment stage. These are just some of the benefits that video questionnaires can bring you and your company.

Creating a Questionnaire

Creating questionnaires is the first step and it can be done either in the Video Questionnaires section under Settings, or by clicking on the Video Questionnaires icon in a New email conversation… (Emails tab of the Candidate Card). In both cases the process is exactly the same. Once saved, questionnaires can be reused and modified at any time.

Let’s create one! In the Video Questionnaires section under Settings click on + Create in the top right corner. In the ‘New video questionnaire’ dialog box start by giving the questionnaire a name. It is common to use the same name as that of the position for which you want to use it - for example, Marketing Executive.

Create video questionnaire


The next step is to type in the questions you would like your candidates to answer. You can add as many questions as you like by clicking on + Add question. For each question you can set the response duration (the default is set at 2 minutes) by clicking on the clock icon to the right. In case you want to delete any of the questions, click on the X.

Add questions

Need to change the order of your questions? Use the drag-and-drop icon to the left of any of the questions.

Reminder and expiration

In the Questionnaire Details section you can select the expiration date of the video questionnaire invitation. Expiry can be set to 3 days, 1 week or 3 weeks from date of sending. You can also decide whether you’d like your candidates to receive a reminder email 1 day before the invitation expires.

Video questionnaire details

Automatic emails

In the Emails section there are 3 email messages that are sent to candidates automatically:

  • if their invitation has expired
  • when a reminder email is sent to them
  • after they’ve recorded their questionnaire

Automatic emails

Should you wish, you can edit the message of the emails directly in the body field, or if you have prepared email templates for any of these messages, you can select and add the templates using the Email Templates icon in the top right corner of each message. Note that any changes you make and save are specific to the given questionnaire you’ve made them in.

Edit automatic emails

After saving the questionnaire you’re all set to send out invitations to your candidates.

Sending Invitations

To send a video questionnaire to only one candidate, start a New email conversation... (Emails tab of the Candidate Card). To send an invitation to more candidate at one time, select multiple candidates using the batch action feature, then click the Send email icon.

When sending out a video questionnaire invitation it’s advisable to first write an introductory message to the candidate. You’ll find an example of what this could look like at the bottom of this guide. (Tip: it’s a good idea to create an email template for this).

Introductory message

To add the questionnaire to the email, click on the Video Questionnaires icon (camera icon on the upper right side). This will open the ‘Video questionnaires’ dialog where you can either select an already existing questionnaire or create a new one. Should you wish to make any changes to an existing questionnaire, you can do this via the three dot menu to the right. Alternatively you can also create a duplicate of an existing questionnaire and then tweak it, which in some cases may be faster than creating a new questionnaire from scratch.

Select questionnaire

After you select the questionnaire to be added to the email, you will notice that a new item is added to the body of the email. It includes a button which leads to the video questionnaire, as well as some basic information about the questionnaire itself.

Add video questionnaire to email

Added the wrong questionnaire to the email, want to still edit something, or had a last minute change of mind? No worries. The three dot menu to the right of the video questionnaire enables you to do any of these things.

Change video questionnaire

Once you’re satisfied with the content of the email, all that’s left to do is click on the Send button and wait for Lusk to notify you about candidates that have recorded their video questionnaire.

Monitoring the Status

Immediately after sending out a video questionnaire invitation, a new data item displaying the status of the invitation is automatically added to the candidate’s Board.

Monitor video questionnaire status

It is also from where you and your team can play the video questionnaire once recorded, and add notes.

Video questionnaire recorded

Viewing and Adding Notes

When you click on the Play button of a recorded video questionnaire it will open in a ‘viewer’.

Watch video questionnaire

Below the video player is the list of questions the candidate has responded to. You don’t have to watch the entire video in one sitting, and you can easily jump between questions by clicking on the one you’re interested in. On the right side of the viewer you can add your notes, and read those added by your colleagues. To close the viewer, click on the back arrow in the top left corner or just press ESC on your keyboard.

Select question to watch

Sample video questionnaire invitation email

Here is some inspiration for the video questionnaire invitation email.

Hey {{candidate_name}},

We have reviewed your application and are interested in learning more about you.

As the next step in our recruitment process, we would like to invite you to participate in a video questionnaire. All you need is a device which has a webcam and microphone (computer, smart phone, tablet), and some time. Whenever you’re ready, just click on the “View Questionnaire” button and follow the instructions.

Best of luck and enjoy!