A recruitment application

built for today’s recruitment challenges

WebcamVideo questionnaires included in all subscription plans

Flexible Hiring Process with Lusk

Hiring is about people, not about the administration - try recruiting with video questionnaires quickly and easily!

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Invite candidates when you know it's right!

Let your candidates speak using video questionnaires - thus eliminating time spent interviewing unsuitable candidates.

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Lusk keeps all candidate information in one place and in context

You reduce your administrative overload and paperwork headaches to a minimum.


Lusk makes collaboration seamless and exceptionally easy for you and your team

With prompt feedback and fast decisions you keep your candidates engaged.

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Lusk enables you to advertise open positions on social media with one click

You reach new candidates and expand your talent pool.

What our customers say about us

Tereza Navrátilová
Tereza Navrátilová
HR Specialist, NMS Market Research
Leave all your excel files, evernotes and shared folders behind you. Lusk offers the comprehensive solution that exactly matches your needs - candidates are clearly organized in one place, you can define the number of stages and their names when setting up the recruitment process in the application, be organized in your communication with candidates, and most importantly, the whole hiring team can follow the progress of the recruitment process. The combination of pleasant communication with the Lusk team, the application itself and the overall price
Kateřina Růžičková
Kateřina Růžičková
HR Manager, Digitální agentura
We have long searched for the perfect recruitment solution. Each time we have, however, encountered some shortcomings or unreasonable pricing. Lusk is a simple and intuitive application facilitating the recruitment process. It is the first solution that even our hiring managers enjoy using.

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