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Positions: Publishing

Before publishing an open position on your Careers Site, sharing on social media or advertising on any other online platforms you’ll want to set it up in the Public Profile section of your position. There’s not a lot to do.

Public Name

The Public Position Name is used in communications with candidates so it’s best if it is kept clear and simple. In Lusk it is represented by the variable {{position_name}} which is particularly useful to use when creating email templates.


TIP: Each position also has an Internal Name where you can use something more descriptive for you and your team.

Job Position Description

As we know, writing a good job position description can make all the difference to the quality of candidates that apply, and it’s not easy. Once you’ve put one together - and we strongly suggest that you involve your team in the task - you can add it to the 'Description' field. Just click into the Description field to start typing. Once done click on Save.


Confirmation Email

Lusk automatically sends out a confirmation email to all candidates that apply through the Lusk application form. We’ve provided a default message for you but you can easily tweak any part of it by clicking into it, editing the text and then clicking on Save.


Publish to Your Careers Site

And that’s it. You’re ready to publish your position and start getting candidates in. Click on the Publish button at the bottom of the page and you’ll immediately see a banner appear where the unique position link is displayed along with some shortcut icons for sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and via email. Your position has just been published to your Careers Site.


At this point it’s a good idea to check how things are looking on your Career’s Site so click on the ‘Open in new tab’ icon to the right of position link. If anything needs fixing just go back and do that in the position Public Profile until you’re happy with it.


TIP: From here you can click on Careers under your company logo to see the full listing of positions on your Careers Site.


Share on Social Media, Job Boards, via Email etc.

You’ll have noticed that after publishing the position, a few social media icons appeared under the position’s unique link. Lusk offers a one-click way to share your positions on the most popular networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) plus the option to send it via email. Choose any of them and you’ll be taken into each social network’s sharing options. If you’re not logged in we’ll prompt you to do it. Make sure you are logged in to the appropriate Facebook or Twitter account (for example, your company’s official account) before sharing your post.


Applying through Lusk’s Application Form

If you’re using Lusk’s Hosted Careers Site, then when candidates click on the Apply button of any of your published positions they will see a simple fill-out form through which they can apply for the position. They will be able to write a cover letter and attach files. After they accept the Privacy Policy, all their data and documents will be instantly transferred to Lusk to the first stage of the position’s Hiring Pipeline.


TIP: Minimize apply drop-off rates. Statistics show that 60 to 90 % of candidates abandon online applications due to a cumbersome or complex application process, application forms that are too lengthy, and applications that aren’t optimised for mobile devices. We break down these ‘apply barriers’ and minimize the number of candidates dropping off. With just one click on the position Apply button candidates are taken directly to a short and simple application form which they can complete and submit within minutes on any device.