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Hiring Team & Visibility

In Lusk you can assign a hiring team to each position. Only hiring team members of a position can see that position within the organization. The creator of the position automatically becomes the first member of the hiring team and the position owner. Other members can easily be added via the Team Members section in Settings of the position. Clicking on the icon under the position name will take you straight there.

Adding Team Members

Any hiring team member can add new team members. Add a new team member by clicking on + Add team member on the bottom row. In the Add Team Members Dialog select one or more users from your organization and click Add. They will be notified by email.

Adding Team Members

If you want to add a user who is not yet part of the organization then you will need to invite them first. You can go directly to Organization Members by clicking on invite them link in the same dialog. The same option will be offered when all users are already part of the hiring team. After the newly invited user has joined the organization you can add them to the hiring team.

Add Members to Hiring Team

Removing Team Members

First off you should know that the position owner can never be removed from the hiring team. This is to make sure that at least one person can always access the position. Makes sense, no?

Otherwise any hiring team member can remove other members from the position by clicking on the trash icon to the right of the team member’s name. Confirm your action by clicking on Remove in the 'Remove Team Member' dialog. The removed team member will be notified by email.

Removing Team Members

Should you wish, you can also remove yourself from a position so long as you’re not the position owner. Click on the trash icon to the right of your name and confirm by clicking on Leave in the 'Leave Hiring Team' dialog.

Leave Hiring Team

Candidate Data Visibility

Whether in the Candidate Pool or in a position the Candidate Card is where all candidate data is kept (...have we already mentioned how awesome that is?).

Default Visibility

The default visibility of a newly created data item depends on whether it is created within a position or the Candidate Pool. Inside a position, default visibility is set to the Hiring Team of that position. In the Candidate Pool it is Everyone in the organization. Good to know, right?

Visibility Toggle

Inside a position you can change the default by clicking on the visibility toggle next to the Save button for a note, the Upload button for a document and the Send button for an email. Visibility can be set to Everyone or to one or more positions that the candidate is assigned to and of which you are a team member.

Inside the Candidate Pool the only possible visibility setting for a candidate that is not assigned to any of your positions is Everyone. So this means that restricting visibility is only possible for candidates assigned to a position in which you are a team member.

Visibility Toggle in the Candidate Pool

Changing Visibility

Changing the visibility of a data item can be done at any time. Click on the three dots drop-down menu in the top right corner of the item and select Change Visibility. The 'Change Visibility' dialog gives you exactly the same options as when creating a new data item. Select the visibility you require and Save.

Change Visibility

Losing track of who can see what? Not a problem. The visibility status is displayed on each data item right after the small eye icon.

Eye Icon in All Data Items