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Email Templates & Variables

Email Templates are preset blocks of text that you can add to any email. They can be whole paragraphs, sentences, signatures. Long, short, medium, gargantuan. You can create as many Email Templates as you want. Go crazy.

The benefit of Email Templates is that you don’t need to rewrite an email or part of an email again and again.

How to Use Email Templates

When drafting a new email, click on the upper right 'Email Templates' icon. Click on any email template from the list to add it to your email. Or click the plus sign to create a new one. Give it a name that is descriptive and that will be instantly familiar to every member of the team. To get to an email template you want to add faster, find it by typing its name in the handy filter tool.


Make the Most out of Email Templates

To make Email Templates even more helpful, there are these nifty things called Variables. Variables are predefined phrases that will be replaced with the real candidate, team and position information. Variables are written in the following format: {{position_name}}.

How to Use Variables

When creating a new email template, simply write the specific variable phrase, for example {{position_name}}. When adding the email template into a new email, the phrase will be replaced by say, Marketing Executive. Use as many variables per email template as you want.

The following is a list of available variables:

Custom Data - Variable - Example

Position Name - {{position_name}} - Chief Coffee Maker

Organization Name - {{organization_name}} - SeeMee Ltd.

Stage Name - {{stage_name}} - Screening

Full Name of Email Sender - {{sender_name}} - Bob Mannings

Candidate’s Full Name - {{candidate_name}} - Bernard Robertson

Some Variable Rules

  • Make sure the variables are written in this format: curly brackets, variable name, curly brackets. To avoid any mistakes, we recommend you copy and paste from the list above.
  • They’re also case sensitive, so no caps.

PS No. 1

Want to add a variable to the list? Send us an email at

PS No. 2

Good with code? We’re using Mustache for processing Email Templates, so you can use any feature of this tiny templating language if you want.