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“Leave all your excel files, evernotes and shared folders behind you. Lusk offers the comprehensive solution that exactly matches your needs - candidates are clearly organized in one place, you can define the number of stages and their names when setting up the recruitment process in the application, be organized in your communication with candidates, and most importantly, the whole hiring team can follow the progress of the recruitment process. The combination of pleasant communication with the Lusk team, the application itself and the overall price/performance ratio, made it a clear choice for us.”

Tereza Navratilova
HR Specialist, NMS Market Research

“We have long searched for the perfect recruitment solution. Each time we have, however, encountered some shortcomings or unreasonable pricing. Lusk is a simple and intuitive application facilitating the recruitment process. It is the first solution that even our hiring managers enjoy using.”

Barbara Treslinova
HR Manager, Storyous

“Lusk is finally a product that truly makes the lives of recruiters easier. I am thrilled by its clear design, ease of use, and the possibility of online communication with the hiring team. I'm also impressed with the professionalism with which the Lusk team approaches their work.”

Lenka Urbanova
Recruiter, Baumit

“For a long time, we've been looking for a tool that would help us speed up and simplify our recruitment process, while also providing a complete overview of all our candidates. Finally we found one. It is simple, clear and intuitive. It enables effective communication between all members of the recruitment team, management and the individual candidates, which greatly accelerates the recruitment process. We found Lusk. We thank its creators for their vision, creativity and mutual cooperation to continually improve this fantastic application.”

Romana Baloga Vybiralova
HR Generalist, Crestyl

“Lusk is a great and flexible system. It is intuitive and easy to manage, and takes just a few minutes to show how it works to a new colleague. We are able to keep track of people who apply for a job in our agency and we save hours in managing the communication with them. Apart from that, Lusk helps us create a database of candidates for future use. ”

Katerina Ruzickova
Financial & Operations Director, Digital Agency

“To have the entire recruitment process in one place - a place where candidate CVs from all sources are gathered and with whom you can communicate immediately, where you can manage the hiring pipeline for each position, share comments on everything with your hiring team, build a database of future potential candidates, and this all done easily, effectively and at a great price - there is no reason to hesitate.”

Iveta Kisova
HR Generalist, Real Estate Agency Sting

“Gone are the days when hiring meant managing lots of paper, coordinating disjointed communication channels, and trying to schedule a hiring team meeting. Lusk made the collection of candidate materials seamless, and put them all into one easy to access location for the hiring team. We love the very slick video questionnaire feature which eliminates the hassles of scheduling phone and/or video conversations. We used it as a final stage before deciding who to bring in for a face-to-face conversation. Perhaps best of all, is the extremely responsive support we receive from the Lusk team.”

Gary Camp
Associate Director of Admissions and International Recruitment, Hope College

“The guys from Lusk have exactly the right way of thinking about recruitment. The field is soon about to change radically and I believe Lusk is the right tool to support the change and can even be the one to shape it. I love your passion to explore, create, implement, support, and educate. It’s hugely needed. You've been a great help to me.”

Ester Danelova
People Architect, Creative Dock

“Lusk’s simple functionality and the built-in ability for teams to collaborate, communicate and share information throughout the hiring process in one locale, has fundamentally improved the recruitment process. The ease with which the hiring team can seamlessly and in real time communicate, has shortened time to decisions exponentially. Within minutes of creating my account I was able to fully utilise the system and customise the recruitment journey to my specific needs.”

Glen Sampson
Executive Head: Talent and HR, Henley Business School

“I selected Lusk for our recruitment in Sleighdogs because I liked its simplicity and functionality. I was put off by other tools that had many unnecessary features and made using them more complicated. Lusk is very intuitive and user-friendly, saving us lots of time. In addition, it’s great that the Lusk team is interested in the opinion of their users and tries to tailor the development of new features to their needs. In short, it’s a great tool which I would recommend to any modern and dynamic HR team that is trying to change and improve the way they do recruitment.”

Tereza Svarcbachova
HR Lead, Sleighdogs GmbH

“We discovered Lusk as we were looking for a simple solution for our careers site. We can now easily manage our current open positions and don’t need the intervention of our developers. All our hiring managers have access to Lusk via which they can follow and engage in the hiring process. A simple and effective solution for a reasonable price.”

Petr Rak
HR Business Partner, Dáme jídlo


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