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Case Studies
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The small things in recruitment that make a big difference at Storyous

Starting as a small Czech startup, Storyous, supplier of a smart and fast POS (Point of Sale) system, is today the market leader and continues to expand, mainly in Poland. The number of companies using their POS system will soon surpass 3000, and serve over 1.5 million customers each month.

Despite the rapid growth, this company and its team maintain their unique culture and playfulness. They work with pleasure and with anticipation for what each new day will bring. So what does the recruitment process at Storyous look like? Barbara Třeslínová, HR manager of the company, tells us about it.


What did the beginnings of recruitment look like at Storyous?

“In the beginning there were only 5 of us in the team. Today we are 70 in the Czech Republic and another 15 people in Poland,” says Barbara Třeslinová, an energetic, sincere and unpretentious recruiter, who is the key person behind all these hires.

Initially they were mainly managing their recruitment processes and candidates with Google Docs. Later they tried some applications that were free, but they too were insufficient. “We had a constant flow of incoming candidates and no structured process.”

Tell us about your search for a suitable recruitment application.

“We had been looking for a recruitment software for a long time, about three quarters of a year, every which way we could think of.

I’d even attended a conference in Paris were I visited exhibition stands offering ATS systems and had them give me a presentation together with their offer. Unfortunately the solutions were either too large-scale, expensive or complicated. What’s more, with most you paid per user and this limited us because I needed more people in the team to be engaged in the recruitment process.”

Barbara found out about the recruitment application Lusk totally by chance when her colleague Zuzana brought her some papers and said “Here is some information on that application Lusk. Take a look when you find a minute.”

What made you end up choosing Lusk?

“It was like clockwork. I took a look at Lusk and I could immediately see that it was a super application. It was clear to me that even our managers would be able to work with it, so it didn’t really take much effort to convince my colleagues in the company. We implemented it in the course of one day. The application is so easy-to-use that we didn’t even need to do a company training.”

How does Lusk help you in your day-to-day work?

“Now that we have Lusk, we can upload photos to the profiles of the candidates, so I know exactly who the person is. At the same time, I put together a hiring team for each position, and I engage my colleagues only at the point when I really need their feedback. They receive a notification by email, they open it and read all information and comments about the candidate. I also had the wish to focus more on talent management, and mainly improve the communication with candidates, which thanks to Lusk we’ve also achieved.

So overall we have saved time, and the costs of other employees. After interviews we no longer need to meet and have long discussions, we have everything directly in the application. We just take some time to think about it and make a decision possibly the next day. These are the small things that in the end make a big difference.”

Today 15 people in the company use Lusk and they process more than 300 CVs each month.

And what are the people at Lusk like?

“Most of all I appreciate the relaxed approach of the people at Lusk, and the speed and flexibility with which they approach things. I think these are the key areas where our companies are very similar, and I like that,” Barbara concludes.